Motor Trend, one of the most popular sources for all things automotive, has caught a glimpse of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA four-door coupe which is set to be the first of the concept-style couples for Mercedes, and should be ready to go in late summer of next year.

The CLA will be based on the same underpinnings of the new Mercedes A- and B-Classes.  This versatile architecture will support almost any front- and all-wheel drive models, including hatchbacks, coupes, crossovers and sedans.  The CLA is expected to be influenced, body style wise, by the CLS which has frameless windows, a long, sloping roofline, a blunt front end with oversized three-pointed star and inset mesh grille, and curvy, triangular rear taillights.

Current gas engines range available for the new CLA from a 1.6 liter 112 horsepower to a 2.2 liter 211 horsepower.  Performance car lovers are hoping for an AMG version that will probably be powered by the 2.2 liter, twin-turbocharged 4 cylinder that produces 350 horsepower.
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31 May 2012

Mercedes-Benz recently launched the new M-Class off-roader for the folks in India.  The third-generation M-Class has a higher level of technology and engine performance then has yet been seen, including an anti-lock braking system, electronic stability program and the electronic traction system.

“At the start of this year, we had promised to introduce exciting new models into the market. We are proud to present today the new M-Class,” Peter Honegg, managing director and chief executive of Mercedes, told media. “We are confident that the quality drive and the luxurious experience it can deliver will be a big hit with the customers and it will be warmly received.”

Mercedes India expects a boost in sales after the launch of compact segment brands such as A-Class and B-Class which are soon to enter the market.  They’ve been doing well in the Indian market, with a 30% sales increase in 2011 from 2010.

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26 May 2012

Sascha Simon, product planner for Mercedes-Benz USA, has announced to automotive media that Mercedes plans to release not only one, but two fuel cell vehicles by 2014.  Fuel cell technology is a step up from electric technology.  These vehicles will be powered by electrical means, but the fuel cells will regenerate  that electrical power to limit the amount of charging needing.

That first vehicle will be based on the latest-generation Mercedes-Benz B Class.  These cars have been available in select US markets and proved to be so successful, Mercedes was able to accelerate mass-market release dates.  Journalists and automotive media have speculated the second fuel-cell vehicle to be released will be a large sedan or SUV crossover.  Some even speculate they will release their F125! concept which shown last year.  The F125! is a hydrogen fuel cell range-extended electric vehicle with a driving range of up to 620 miles and even has a 0-60 MPH of 4.9 seconds and tops out at 136 MPH.

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15 May 2012

On the first of May in 2012, Mercedes-Benz of the US was happy to report that their April sales for this year were the most of any April on record.  Their April sales totaled 22,336, which is a 24% improvement over April sales of last year and a 17.5% improvement of the first 2012 quarter to the first 2011 quarter.  It doesn’t stop there, however; if the smart and Sprinter cars are included, you can add another 25,066 and see a 30.8% improvement over those types of cars from last April.

The most popular Mercedes-Benz vehicles sold in April were the C-Class, E-Class and M-Class models.  The C-Class is Mercedes’ entry level sporty sedan which are garnered more popularity over the years.  The E-Class is a sedan ahead of its time in style, luxury and technology.  The M-Class is Mercedes’ most popular SUV that has a perfect blend of utility and comfort.

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3 May 2012