On the first of May in 2012, Mercedes-Benz of the US was happy to report that their April sales for this year were the most of any April on record.  Their April sales totaled 22,336, which is a 24% improvement over April sales of last year and a 17.5% improvement of the first 2012 quarter to the first 2011 quarter.  It doesn’t stop there, however; if the smart and Sprinter cars are included, you can add another 25,066 and see a 30.8% improvement over those types of cars from last April.

The most popular Mercedes-Benz vehicles sold in April were the C-Class, E-Class and M-Class models.  The C-Class is Mercedes’ entry level sporty sedan which are garnered more popularity over the years.  The E-Class is a sedan ahead of its time in style, luxury and technology.  The M-Class is Mercedes’ most popular SUV that has a perfect blend of utility and comfort.

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3 May 2012