Mercedes-Benz recently launched the new M-Class off-roader for the folks in India.  The third-generation M-Class has a higher level of technology and engine performance then has yet been seen, including an anti-lock braking system, electronic stability program and the electronic traction system.

“At the start of this year, we had promised to introduce exciting new models into the market. We are proud to present today the new M-Class,” Peter Honegg, managing director and chief executive of Mercedes, told media. “We are confident that the quality drive and the luxurious experience it can deliver will be a big hit with the customers and it will be warmly received.”

Mercedes India expects a boost in sales after the launch of compact segment brands such as A-Class and B-Class which are soon to enter the market.  They’ve been doing well in the Indian market, with a 30% sales increase in 2011 from 2010.

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26 May 2012