Sascha Simon, product planner for Mercedes-Benz USA, has announced to automotive media that Mercedes plans to release not only one, but two fuel cell vehicles by 2014.  Fuel cell technology is a step up from electric technology.  These vehicles will be powered by electrical means, but the fuel cells will regenerate  that electrical power to limit the amount of charging needing.

That first vehicle will be based on the latest-generation Mercedes-Benz B Class.  These cars have been available in select US markets and proved to be so successful, Mercedes was able to accelerate mass-market release dates.  Journalists and automotive media have speculated the second fuel-cell vehicle to be released will be a large sedan or SUV crossover.  Some even speculate they will release their F125! concept which shown last year.  The F125! is a hydrogen fuel cell range-extended electric vehicle with a driving range of up to 620 miles and even has a 0-60 MPH of 4.9 seconds and tops out at 136 MPH.

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15 May 2012