When someone spends money on a luxury vehicle, they expect that vehicle to outperform the other cars on the road.  This is what Mercedes‘ AMG specializes in – taking Mercedes vehicles and boosting powertrains and drivetrains to produce a vehicle that could take on any challenge in any condition.

Mercedes has announced that AMG will be making a push for a very large expansion over the next few years.  Their goal is to broaden AMG’s output by at least 50% by the year 2017.

These plans are part of Mercedes’ large scale mission to boost sales and revenue all across the world.  This means they will producing more vehicles, including their new A-Class subcompact car.  The small car segment has been growing rapidly and sales for these ultra compact cars are booming.  Almost every large auto manufacturing brand has a flagship car in this segment.  AMG will also be getting their hands on the new A-Class and producing a high-performing version of it.
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24 Jun 2012