Photographers were able to get some premature shots of the new Mercedes-Benz mini supercar which will most likey be named the SLR AMG.   Mercedes previously sold a sports car called the SLR which gave birth to the SLS AMG.  Rumors have been circulating for a while about a smaller version of the SLS, and it looks like they were true.

It’s obvious the SLR will be based off the highly coveted SLS.  One can tell from the photos that the two cars have the same cockpit proportions and adjustable rear wing and gullwing doors.  The SLR will almost certainly used a smaller version of the frame used on the SLS, and is expected to be the same size as the Porsche 911.
Automotive media expect the SLR to be powered by a turbocharged V6 engine, paired to a dual-clutch transmission powering the rear wheels. Mercedes has not released any specifics about engine or price, but have said they will be focusing on movement and handling.
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15 Jun 2012