Pat Matthews is a 61-year-old retired man living in California and owns 15 Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  He is so passionate about the brand, and the 300SL in particular, that he has grouped with five other Mercedes fans to open their own museum.  The museum is in Napa, California and is dedicated to the Mercedes-Benz 300SL.

“They are breathtakingly beautiful,” Matthews said when describing what he loves about Mercedes’ 300SL. “They are fast. They are unbelievably reliable. They are works of art. They are just great cars to drive.  My vision is to show the passion that this car created.”  He also said that one thing that makes the 300SL particularly special is that it was the first production car to use fuel injection technology.

There are two types of 300SL, according to Pat Mathews – the gull wing coupe and roadster convertible.  Both versions of the 300SL were only produced in limited numbers from 1954-1963.  His museum currently has three of them on display, though his goal is to have feature five.

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15 Jul 2012