As many companies are outsourcing US jobs to other countries, Mercedes-Benz is manufacturing most of the pieces of the M- and GL-Class SUVs in the US, even though they will be put together and sold in India, Indonesia and Thailand.  These pieces are know as SUV kits, or “semi-knock-downs”, and are only put together in these other countries to help with sales.

The M-Class kits will be sent to India fairly soon, and kits to Thailand and Indonesia at a latter date.  The GL-Class kits won’t be sent off until sometime next year, but will probably go in the same order.

These Semi-Knock-Downs contain the complete body and all other components except the largest parts, like engine and transmission.  They are being manufactured at the Mercedes-Benz in Tuscaloosa, Alabam, which makes all the M-Class and GL-Class SUVS for the US and other countries.

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31 Aug 2012

Much of how a vehicle looks or is engineered, is based on the history of the vehicle.  Auto manufacturers who have decades in the car-making business produce vehicles that provide the best in features, and win design awards.  Mercedes-Benz is one of these auto brands, and the best way to honor their success in current manufacturing, is by honoring the cars that help to get them there.

The Silver Arrow, produced front 1934 to 1939 is one of the few racing vehicles that won its debut race: the international Eifel race at Nurburgring.  The primer-like color of these vehicles is what got them the name ‘Silver Arrow’ and are some of the most prized race cars of history.

“Every Silver Arrow in the company’s collection is authentic down to the last detail and, what is more, has an individual racing history of its own,” Michael Bock, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic, says of the company’s collection. “So these vehicles, at the same time, provide evidence of the high standards set by Mercedes-Benz Classic in terms of the authenticity of classic vehicles.”

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23 Aug 2012

This month’s California class-car auction will be packed with heavy competition for highest price from Ferrari Bugatti and Bently.  The surprise is that a 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540 K Special Roadster is up for auction, and is capable of catching the highest price of the auction and breaking the record set by a Ferrari of $16.4 million.

“I’ve never seen so many expensive cars come up for auction at one time,” Tom Hartley Jnr., a classic auto dealer, said in an interview. “A lot of the major collectors of the last 30 years are getting old and other owners have seen prices rise and want to cash in. What happens this month is going to say a lot about the market.”

The 1936 Mercedes 540 K is one of only 30 ever made, and has been described as “the most significant and rare Mercedes-Benz to ever high the auction blocks”.  It was special ordered by the aristocratic Van Kriegner family, and shipped out of Germany during the destruction of WWII.

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15 Aug 2012

MacGyver is making a comeback in Mercedes‘ new ad campaign.  Though it has been many years since the show was aired, the character is still extremely popular and referenced in many pop culture jokes and references.  In the ads, the Mercedes Citan is MacGyvers’s new partner, once that can help him get anything done.

In one funny statement, MacGyver says, “Over the past seven years I’ve done nothing else but drive all over the world. I’ve escaped gunslingers, prisons and time bombs. And all I’ve got to show for it are a few empty rolls of duct tape!”

The new Mercedes Citan will join MacGyver in one advertisement and three new episodes as he is once again roped into the struggle of good vs. evil.  Now, not only will MacGyver be able to rely on his quick-thinking and epic resourcefulness, he will also have this versatile vehicle to help him out of any sticky situation.

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8 Aug 2012