Much of how a vehicle looks or is engineered, is based on the history of the vehicle.  Auto manufacturers who have decades in the car-making business produce vehicles that provide the best in features, and win design awards.  Mercedes-Benz is one of these auto brands, and the best way to honor their success in current manufacturing, is by honoring the cars that help to get them there.

The Silver Arrow, produced front 1934 to 1939 is one of the few racing vehicles that won its debut race: the international Eifel race at Nurburgring.  The primer-like color of these vehicles is what got them the name ‘Silver Arrow’ and are some of the most prized race cars of history.

“Every Silver Arrow in the company’s collection is authentic down to the last detail and, what is more, has an individual racing history of its own,” Michael Bock, Head of Mercedes-Benz Classic, says of the company’s collection. “So these vehicles, at the same time, provide evidence of the high standards set by Mercedes-Benz Classic in terms of the authenticity of classic vehicles.”

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23 Aug 2012