As many companies are outsourcing US jobs to other countries, Mercedes-Benz is manufacturing most of the pieces of the M- and GL-Class SUVs in the US, even though they will be put together and sold in India, Indonesia and Thailand.  These pieces are know as SUV kits, or “semi-knock-downs”, and are only put together in these other countries to help with sales.

The M-Class kits will be sent to India fairly soon, and kits to Thailand and Indonesia at a latter date.  The GL-Class kits won’t be sent off until sometime next year, but will probably go in the same order.

These Semi-Knock-Downs contain the complete body and all other components except the largest parts, like engine and transmission.  They are being manufactured at the Mercedes-Benz in Tuscaloosa, Alabam, which makes all the M-Class and GL-Class SUVS for the US and other countries.

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31 Aug 2012