MacGyver is making a comeback in Mercedes‘ new ad campaign.  Though it has been many years since the show was aired, the character is still extremely popular and referenced in many pop culture jokes and references.  In the ads, the Mercedes Citan is MacGyvers’s new partner, once that can help him get anything done.

In one funny statement, MacGyver says, “Over the past seven years I’ve done nothing else but drive all over the world. I’ve escaped gunslingers, prisons and time bombs. And all I’ve got to show for it are a few empty rolls of duct tape!”

The new Mercedes Citan will join MacGyver in one advertisement and three new episodes as he is once again roped into the struggle of good vs. evil.  Now, not only will MacGyver be able to rely on his quick-thinking and epic resourcefulness, he will also have this versatile vehicle to help him out of any sticky situation.

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8 Aug 2012