The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week wrapped up earlier this week after over 100 designers took their Spring collections to the runway.  Along with these renowned designer shows, Mercedes showcased their own design masterpiece – the 2013 Mercedes-Benz G-Class.  The display was set up center stage, allowing spectators to view its flawlessness.

The G-Class is a truly unique vehicle, as it is made up of the highest-grade material and designed with extreme luxury in mind; it is also capable of some aggressive off-roading and is truly fun to drive.  Only the best in advanced materials are allowed to be used in the building of this indestructible machine.

“The fashion industry knows better than anyone the importance of feeling fit and fashionable in the season’s hottest collections,” said Joey Gonzalez of Barry’s Bootcamp, who incorporated the G-Class in their fitness fashion event.  “The Mercedes-Benz G-Classdemonstrates how you can be athletically sculpted yet sleek and chic, embodying a classic confident look season to season.”

For more information about the G-Class, or to take a look at any Mercedes vehicle, contact Larson Mercedes-Benz.
14 Sep 2012