The Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy is Mercedes’ teen driving school dedicated to teen driver safety.  The automaker has teamed up with actress Hailee Steinfeld to help kick off National Teen Driver Safety Week which began on October 14th and runs until October 20th.

Mercedes’ Driving Academy and several other entities dedicated to teen driving safety, including Impact Teen Drivers, California Highway Patrol, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Unified School District Police, will be holding a press conference at a school near L.A which will also include a driving demonstration and specifics about their goal to inform and educate teen drivers of the importance of distraction-free driving.


“In the United States, vehicle crashes are the number one killer of teens.  Most of these deaths are the result of inexperience and distractions,” Carolyn Duchene, director of Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy, told media.  “National Teen Driver Safety Week will bring awareness to this issue and help parents and teens learn the importance of safe driving.”

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15 Oct 2012