The Los Angeles International Auto Show will begin at the end of the month, and each year the Design Los Angeles Board of Directors chooses a theme for the Design Challenge.  This year, the board has chosen “Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025” as the theme, inviting all automotive designers to participate in the challenge.

The challenge issue explains that the vehicle entered must show that it can effective in the mission to “protect and serve” will considering emission concerns, population growth and possible transportation infrastructure in 2025.

Mercedes-Benz answered the challenge with the Energ-G-Force concept that runs on recycled water converted into hydrogen power.  This SUV concept is ready for any terrain and equipped with yet undeveloped technology that would help 2025 police to protect and serve.

“Modern and cool, [the Ener-G-Force] could also be a clue about a new beginning for the off-road design idiom of Mercedes-Benz,” Gorden Wagener, Mercedes’ Director of Design, told media.

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24 Nov 2012