It’s a fact that diesel-powered engines run cleaner, are more powerful and are more fuel-efficient. It’s known that no other auto manufacturer does diesel-fueled vehicles better than Mercedes-Benz, the luxury automaker who has recently joined with other automakers to launch the campaign ‘Clean Diesel, Clearly Better”.

The ‘Clean Diesel, Clearly Better’ campaign helps consumers to better understand the advantages of  diesel engines and how they can be preferable to gas-fueled vehicles. All automakers within the campaign are working together to create a platform for clean diesels within the U.S.  The first step in creating this platform was the launch of a website that details the advantages and will post all new information and the latest research.

Mercedes-Benz has an advanced diesel powertrain called the BlueTEC® system. There are several models that use this system which is considered more fuel-efficient and cleaner than regular engines. These models include the Mercedes-Benz E350 BlueTEC®, S350 BlueTEC®, ML350 BlueTEC® SUV and the GL350 BlueTEC® SUV.

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25 Dec 2012