Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront of innovative technology, as their history in new systems indicates.  This luxury brand features a large array of enhanced convenience and safety features, and have recently announced new systems to be including in the 2014 upcoming models.

New Mercedes-Benz in Tacoma will now feature a wrong-way warning systems on the S-Class and E-Class models.  After the 2014 models of these lines are equipped with the new systems, the rest of the Mercedes-Benz model lines will also feature it, as well as other innovative systems.  Though these time frames are set for Europe, we can also expect them in the U.S.


Now that vehicles are equipped with cameras, GPS and other exterior sensory technology, this new wrong-way warning system will be able to recognize “no-entry” signs, warning the driver they are about to drive onto a road or through an area the wrong way.

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7 Feb 2013