The updated new Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Tacoma is making its arrival on the scene, and stirring up plenty of interest.  One of the biggest and best changes Mercedes-Benz has made with the upcoming S-Class is the interior.

The inspiration for the interior was taken from first-class airplane seating and hot-stone massages.  The result is a spa-like cabin that is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.  The massaging seats are also inspired by a hot-stone massage, with heat and a rolling sensation.  The optional “Energizing” massage setting allows all passengers to choose between two different massage settings.


The optional “First Class Rear” package adds a business center console with a telephone handset, additional storage and a folding table.  More information about options, trims and packages will be released soon as Mercedes-Benz gears up for the big May reveal.  We do know that the rear has been created to be just as luxurious as the front.

For more information about the S-Class, or to take a look at any Mercedes-Benz vehicles, contact Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma.


21 Mar 2013