Mercedes-Benz in Tacoma is known for making the absolute best in luxury and performance. No one can create a vehicle with more poise and sophistication while turning heads in the street with superior styling. Now, the automaker has been working diligently on new advanced technology that will change the face of in-car tech and communication for the better. The technology is a Car-2-Object and Car-2-Car communication system, and will enable vehicles to communicate to other vehicles and the world around them. The benefits of this state-of-art technology is mostly for safety purposes, but it also helps out in the convenience department, as well as just being plain awesome.

This Car-2-Object and Car-2-Car communication system can warn a driver of an impending crash, as well as being programmed to take action itself to avoid one in certain cases. The system is designed to know in advance if there is a potential hazard in the road ahead or approaching at the next intersection, and programmed reflexes are much faster than a human’s reflexes. The system can do this by electronically communicating with its surroundings through different technologies currently being tested and developed. You can imagine how close this technology brings us to cars driving themselves, figuring out which car has the right of way, the best route to take and cars will be able to avoid the accidents that humans cannot.


Mercedes-Benz is is the current leader in this field, announcing earlier this month that they plan to introduce a Car-2-Car communication system as early as this year. Though whether it will be equipped in a production model vehicle in the U.S. is not yet known. If it is put in to 2014 model Mercedes-Benz in Bellevue vehicles, the system will be able to exchange information with other vehicles as well as the surrounding traffic infrastructure.

For now, a phone app has been created for the first production version. This app is designed to work with the driver’s smartphone, which serves as a transmitter and receiver. This means that certain existing Mercedes-Benz models can also be able to use the system. Most Mercedes-Benz models are already equipped with radars and sensors and will be able to handle the first production version of the Car-2-Object and Car-2-Car communication system.

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18 Jun 2013