During the most recent British Open, Mercedes Benz released sketches of the “Vision Golf Cart,” a new, futuristic concept golf cart that brings the luxury factor in golf to a higher level.

In usual concept fashion, the designs are futuristic and seem to include features yet unseen on any current production new Mercedes-Benz in Tacoma.  According to the automaker, this cutting edge golf cart will be driven with a central joystick that allows people on either side to drive, and is powered by solar panels on the roof.

 Among the tech gadgets included in the cart, you will find a state-of-the art media system controlled by touch screen monitors, and a multimedia panel with a rotatable docking station for an iPad or iPhone, which also allows duffers to communicate with other golf carts and the clubhouse.

The cart features the newest in efficient heating systems.  The system is called a “heat scarf”, in the seat which blows hot air on golfers’ necks in case anyone gets chilly while playing a round as well as a “Fore” button — which may, or may not, sound like Siri — which quickly warns other players on the course of a misplaced shot.


The project was overseen by Mercedes-Benz’s head of design, Gordon Wagener, along with the help of eager golf fans and car enthusiasts who submitted their ideas to the car maker regarding the amenities they think should be put in the one-of-a-kind golf cart.

The golf fans that submitted the winning ideas were awarded VIP invitations to the Open Championshipin Guilane, Scotland.  Wagener said the design fits in well with the Mercedes “Sensual-Purity” design philosophy.

While only a concept, there is no word on whether Mercedes-Benz may follow through with the design, further teasing anyone who may want to try the cart out in the future.

While many thought that Bubba Watson’s hover cart may have been a step above the beat-up carts at your local course, the new Mercedes concept may raise the bar when it comes to the uniqueness of golf carts on the course.

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30 Jul 2013