Mercedes-Benz is soon to present America with the smallest crossover SUV they have yet produced in the U.S.  The luxury automaker is determined to create an upscale Mercedes-Benz model for every type of person and family. The demand for crossover SUVs is continuing to rise, especially in the luxury arena.  This new Mercedes-Benz SUV in Tacoma comes with all the luxury amenities, but at a lower cost.

The model will be called the GLA here when it arrives in a year as a 2015 model. It will be the baby of five classes of SUVs for Mercedes in the U.S.


“GLA rounds off the extensive SUV portfolio of Mercedes-Benz,” the automaker said in a statement.

The GLA will be about five inches shorter and three inches narrower than Mercedes’ compact GLK crossover. And it’ll be just about six inches longer and an inch wider than the new sub-compact Buick Encore SUV.  The size is meant to suit SUV fans in crowded cities, though M-B says the GLA will be sturdy enough for off-roading, too.

The SUV will be sold first in Europe and the German maker will display the Euro version at the Frankfurt auto show next month.

For the U.S., the GLA will be powered by a 2-liter, four cylinder, turbo gasoline engine rated 208 horsepower, 258 pounds-feet of torque, mated to a seven-speed automatic. No word on whether the GLA will offer a diesel.  The GLA will offer two-wheel drive or M-B’s 4Matic permanent all-wheel drive.

The SUV extends Mercedes’ move in the small-car direction: The GLA will join the new CLA four-door “coupe” at the small end of the maker’s lineup.

Other premium brands are doing likewise. BMW recently added the small X1 SUV to its lineup and has a smaller 1-series coupe and convertible. Acura adopted a version of the Honda Civic, called ILX, to give it a small, entry sedan. And Audi is bringing a small A3 sedan to replace the current hatch.

Pricing for the GLA has not been set. But the CLA starts at $30,825 with shipping, so the GLA is likely to start in the low 30s.

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14 Aug 2013