As a kid, a strange noise coming from under the bed may have prompted you to bury yourself under the covers to protect you from the monster that was believed to be lying beneath your bedposts. As an adult, however, it isn’t safe to ignore the sounds that are coming from under the hood of your car.

If left untreated, the problems your car is facing could lead to catastrophic results. The timing belt, for example, could seriously damage your engine if it breaks. Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Services in Tacoma can help you stay safely on the road so you can continue enjoying your car for many more years.

Dirty Car Air Filter

Don’t Put Your Safety at Risk

Whether you used to sneak out past your curfew or if you waited until the last minute to write a paper that was due, we’ve all taken risks in our life. It isn’t worth it to put your life at risk on the road, however. At Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma, our technicians will recommend that you replace your timing belt after you’ve driven 60,000 miles or after four years of use.

Every car is different, and that is why we also recommend that you check the owner’s manual to see when the manufacturer recommends you receive maintenance.

Although the timing belt appears to be an insignificant player under the hood, don’t let this synthetic part fool you. Imagine that the engine of your car is a cake, and all the individual parts are elements of the recipe. In order to fully enjoy your dessert, all of the necessary ingredients must be combined. If you were to leave out the cake batter (timing belt), the final product would be useless. This is what could be expected if you let the timing belt wear down and break.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment Today

The average mechanic will have a basic working knowledge of the cars that they see, but it would be better to put your vehicle in the hands of someone who knows every detail about it. Our technicians have experience with every Mercedes-Benz model, and they are trained to diagnose any problem that is ailing your vehicle’s engine.

With Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Services in Tacoma you will receive superior service at a price you can afford. With the deals we offer, you can safely hit the road without having your bank account take a hit.

To find out more about our Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Services in Tacoma, please call Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma at 888-795-2146, and a member of our service department will be available to help you. You can also schedule an appointment in person by stopping by 1701-C Alexander Ave. East, Fife, WA 98424. We are located just outside of Seattle and we would be happy to assist you with your maintenance needs.

30 Oct 2014

Larson is a long-time authority on new and used Mercedes-Benz models; it’s no wonder that Larson now has a number of excellent 2015 Mercedes-Benz Available in Tacoma. With new and used cars like the GL-Class SUVs, Larson Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma is one of the most versatile dealers, with options always available.

While Mercedes-Benz is well-known for its luxury cars, it also has a few tough ones that can pull their weight, if they need to. Come visit our lot and let our friendly representatives show you around our available cars!


2015 Mercedes-Benz

The GL-Class Mercedes-Benz makes you feel like royalty, while competing with the best for towing strength. A seamless fusion of luxury and power, the GL-Class Mercedes-Benz is one of many 2015 Mercedes-Benz Available in Tacoma through the Larson group. Options for this princely powerhouse include a V6 or a V8 engine, an improved sound system, and blind-spot monitoring.

An interior with rows that can fold down to free up nearly 95 cubic feet makes it easy to move anything. Ask Larson Auto Group of Tacoma if we have any of the options that interest you, and get ready to drive away in style.

Models of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Available in Tacoma

Other models of 2015 Mercedes-Benz Available in Tacoma that you may find include the ever-classic C-class, and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The Sprinter is an excellent way to move passengers and cargo in class and comfort, and is a favorite of many businesses nowadays. Despite the size, this van can maneuver like any smaller car, and has an engine that can pull as much torque as needed. You might find the Sprinter perfectly suited to your needs, if you’re looking for a reliable, yet cozy van.

Larson is a longtime provider of quality cars, including 2015 Mercedes-Benz Available in Tacoma. Our online inventory is constantly being updated with models of cars with varying amounts of use: old, new, and one-owner. No company is easier to work with and knows more about Mercedes-Benz news than Larson. Call us today or set up an appointment through our website in order to find your perfect Mercedes-Benz. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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24 Oct 2014

Traveling in style has never been easier now that there is a number of One-Owner Mercedes-Benz Available in Tacoma. Larson Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma can find you the perfect luxury car that’s also in great condition. Just use our user-friendly website to find what you need and schedule yourself an appointment with one of our used-car specialists.

Larson will put you in the lap of luxury with our selection of one-owner Mercedes-Benz C-Class cars. Mercedes-Benz has set the standard in the global market for luxury, comfort, and great handling. The C-Class is a sedan that’s family-friendly but exemplifies all the style that has come to be expected of the Mercedes-Benz name. The six-cylinder engine allows the sportiness of the car to shine through, and the cabin is impressively quiet for the power under the hood.


Safety features on our One-Owner Mercedes-Benz Available in Tacoma are some of the best, with stability control, a 4-wheel ABS system, and airbags located in the front and rear. You can be sure that Larson Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma will find you the safest car.

Just test-driving one of our One-Owner Mercedes-Benz Available in Tacoma will show you why Mercedes-Benz is king. The C-Class’s steering wheel is fully adjustable, with audio controls located on it.

The interior of the C-Class Mercedes-Benz will make you feel right at home; full climate control (including dual climate control) and interior air filtration are just some of the ways that you can make yourself fully comfortable. The C-Class Mercedes-Benz looks as luxurious on the outside as it feels on the inside, and will live up to any car-lover’s standard of what a top-tier car should be.

No matter what specifications you need for your car, Larson can find you the best One-Owner Mercedes-Benz Available in Tacoma. We’ll pair you up with agents who will work with you to find you what you need in the shortest amount of time. Don’t wait to get a great Mercedes–call us today and find the car that’s right for you!

Give us a call at 1-888-836-1938 or use our site’s form to put yourself in touch with a Larson Mercedes-Benz agent today!

17 Oct 2014

Mercedes-Benz has a formidable reputation for top-of-the-line cars, and anybody would simply need to take a look at the Power of the 2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 to understand the reason why. The infamous company’s new car blazes onto the road with a V8 engine that pushes it from zero to 60 MPH in 3.9 seconds. This high-performance vehicle delivers a punch, whether on the road or on the highway–however, its drive is smooth with well-engineered noise suppression technology, a suspension that absorbs rough roads and sharp maneuvers, and a transmission that lithely slips between gears, whether the car is in automatic or the driver is using the steering wheel paddles.

A Force to be Reckoned With

It’s not soon after one gets behind the driver’s wheel that they begin to feel the full Power of the 2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 engine. Its drive programs are designed to fully optimize the force under the hood, and exterior features such as its aerodynamic shell and its improved-grip tires allow for masterful control. The vehicle even offers a “Race” option, for letting the Power of the 2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 out on a closed race track.

The new Mercedes-AMG C63’s fuel efficiency is another shining star in its repertoire of features, with several of the aforementioned drive programs contributing to it (such as the the “gliding function”). The engineering is artful, with every section of the hull, the drive components, and the steering meant to cater to it.

The interior design of the vehicle is as impressive as the Power of the 2015 Mercedes-AMG C63. Combining comfort and interior dynamics, everything from the leather dashboard, to the stunningly-designed steering wheel, to its seats line up perfectly with the vehicle’s high-performance status. The car also comes equipped with enhanced safety features, going above and beyond industry standard and setting its own high Mercedes-Benz standard.

Power of the 2015 Mercedes-AMG C63

Just one look at the Mercedes-AMG C63 lets the consumer know that it’s a top-line sports car, and just one drive around the city, highway, or race track will cement Mercedes’ status as a provider of powerful, agile, yet elegant vehicles.

The Mercedes-AMG C63 is available from Larson Mercedes-Benz in 2015, so come to our dealership if you want to feel the true power available under the hood.

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10 Oct 2014