If you want to get the best quality vehicle maintenance within the Tacoma region the Larson Mercedes-Benz is the place to go where we offer the ability to schedule Mercedes-Benz maintenance in Tacoma. At Larson Mercedes-Benz, we have certified technicians to handle your Mercedes-Benz; we have state-of-art diagnostics, and tools and equipment for the efficient repair and service of your vehicle.  We are very well known for our quality and for keeping it genuine with Mercedes-Benz parts. We execute our services using genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories which are installed by our certified technicians with the specific aim of preserving the high level performance and upholding the integrity of your vehicle because we know by doing this will help maintain the residual value of your vehicle.

Schedule Mercedes-Benz Maintenance in Tacoma

As such, we are committed to handling all of your automotive needs and providing you with genuine parts for your vehicle at a reason able price. We also qualified automotive technicians for the repair and service of your vehicle for the onsite detailing and auto body shops. As the present vehicles are increasingly becoming advanced, our service facilities have changed with the times. Our schedule Mercedes-Benz maintenance in Tacoma features top of the line facilities, which include 10 service bays as well as the latest tools and diagnostic equipment which helps to treat the vehicle effectively, to get the car back on its feet and on the road with full confidence from the driver.


We strive to provide total care to our customers and this is why we are devoted to providing the appropriate client satisfaction from our clients. There is nothing as good as a Mercedes Benz which is on top of its game. The best way to do it is to insist on genuine parts and accessories which are provided right here at Larson Mercedes-Benz via schedule Mercedes-Benz maintenance in Tacoma. As such, we are proud to offer some of the most efficient and professional Mercedes maintenance and detailing services within the Tacoma region. Our service can be carried out in the following areas to ensure that our customers acquire the desired services and therefore make it easier for them to access them easily.
14 Feb 2014