Katie Thomas, a designer from South Africa, created the ultimate luxury office using parts for the Mercedes-Benz SL. Not only is the office a testament to the artist’s skill, but to the exquisitely designed SL interior which is unparalleled in luxury and functionality.

Using completely original ideas and design, Thomas turned the speedometer into a magnetized pad, the other gauges become clocks from different time zones, the rear-view mirror turned into a free-standing lamp, the air vents became business card holders, and the gas and brake pedals became pen holders. Perhaps the hardest transition is the SL driver’s seat which an engineer helped her turn into a luxurious office chair. The desk itself was made from timber and steel was used for the desk legs.

Cape Town based artist Katie Thomas was chosen for this project with Mercedes-Benz in celebration of Cape Town’s nomination for ‘World Design Capital 2014’.

For more information about the SL, or to take a look at any Mercedes vehicle, contact Larson Mercedes-Benz.

6 Sep 2012